1) “Climate Change may cause some parts of the Earth to become cooler”. Does this statement hold true? Explain your answer with valid physical explanation. (200words)
2) Consider an increase in global mean temperature dataset figure provided to you for global mean temperature, please provide the following information as you can gather from this figure:
3) What do we mean by downscaling and do you know about an activity which is started in your country on this issue? (100 words)
4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of improving grid resolution in a climate model? (100 words)
5) Importance of computing facilities in developing countries and their need to address the climate change impacts – your views from country and institutional knowledge you carry.
(100 words)

【推定対象学年】:大学1-2年生(専門学生) 大学3-4年生 大学院 卒業論文
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